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Antonio and Latoya

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite! So it's not surprising when I stated that the story I cherish the most is the one of my king and I. Filled with laughter, ups and downs, adventures and most of all LOVE. So here began our journey, sixteen years ago through my sister Tamika who was a teacher at his high school. Our first encounter was when I was job shadowing and he entered her classroom smiling and said "HI" but I didn't pay him much attention. Months later our paths crossed again while I was helping my sister set up for their school's prom. He asked me to dance but he got an answer he didn't expect "No thank you" with my arms folded was my exact words. He said it took everything within to approach me and yet he was rejected. I had no idea then that he would become the love of my life and my soon to be husband. Years passed by, life happened and we didn't see or talk to each other. However, on my 26th birthday some friends and I went out to celebrate. I wasn't exactly having much fun so I decided to leave. My friend Desiree decided to stay ouT and ran into Antonio. He asked her "why she was out?" she told him " that I was celebrating my friend Renee's birthday". He asked " Renee Wise?"!!!She said "yes". He told her he remembered who I was and he always had a crush on me. The day after we reconnected and it has been amazing ever sense. I am so lucky he came back into my life. He has been an amazing partner and father figure to my son Mason. I thank GOD everyday for allowing our paths to cross again. I also can't thank my friend Desiree for being a key component in our re-connection. If she had not stayed out that nigh and GOD allowed them to bump into each other, there probably wouldn't be an us. I am ecstatic! I can't wait to marry my best friend and share his last name. He is an amazing GOD loving family man: he sees me at my absolute worst and loves me deeply anyway. I count my blessings daily and can't wait for the years of happiness to come.

March 28, 2020 was a special day for Antonio and Latoya. They've been planning their wedding for some time now. But around 2 weeks ago Latoya learned that she had to move her date because of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Of course as a bride Latoya and Antonio was devastated. But they held a small elopement on yesterday. They exchanged their vows in front of some friends and family. I am happy that I had a chance to witness their love for each other. So here are some pictures from yesterday's elopement.



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