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Updated: Apr 9

September 27, 2017 we met at work. I had just got the job and started working. My first day we instantly noticed each other, but he did not say anything to me until Friday(we met on a Monday). So when he finally spoke the very first thing he says "What you want to eat for lunch?" Lol I said I don't know. So we went to A town wings for lunch. He later got my number and we started texting and talking all day long. He took my daughter and I to dinner days later. At work we always parked beside each other but never knew. I was always around his family but never met Eric. After months of conversation and with the passing of his beautiful mother, I invited him to church with me and my family. That's when his life started to change. I knew I had to stay in his life and be strong for him. Months passed and we became stronger together in Christ and each other. Sunday June 30, 2019(Eric's birthday) he proposed to me in front of everyone at church and that's when things became more serious and we started planning a life and a future with each other. May 30, 2020 we will join together as one and I will become Mrs. Parker.



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